Heather Bernikoff joined KRYZ Radio as a supporter in 2013 and created Circle West Radio Show in 2015.  The intent of the show is to connect people and issues through stories and discussion -  to explore concepts that impact our community and lives. .  In the west, you find amazing people and stories  - from First Nations people whose ancestry dates back thousands of years,  to the many people who immigrated from other parts of the Nation and world. . The west is a special place with tremendous diversity of landscapes, biology and cultures.  There is a rugged independence, but also a vigorous sense of community. Only through knowing one another will we understand that we are more alike than we are different. 

Heather grew up predominantly in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She has deep roots in  the North American west through her mother's Native (Yoeme/Yaqui) and Latina ancestry, but also an understanding of the desire and drive of people from the east to move west through the  European immigrants on her father's side.  Heather studied public health education and worked at the innovative Department of Health Services in Contra Costa County. She now works in philanthropy and is a community volunteer. Her love of community, nature, science, public policy and the human experience are the foundational elements of  this show.

The Music of Circle West Radio Show

I would like to give great thanks to Peter Phippen and Hicham Chahidi who have generously allowed me to use their original music for this show. Thank you gentlemen!

Intro Music: Bonbon by Hicham Chahidi.  This music is fun, cosmopolitan and has a high level of energy. I want to give my listeners a sense that the energy of the music will be replicated in the information that follows. The music has a Latin flavor to it despite the artist's roots in Morocco., which provides auditory   proof that, like I hope to convey in this show, we are more similar than we are different.  To learn more about  this amazing artist, follow this link

Accent Music: Cedar Elegy - Morning and Evening by Peter Phippen. I love this music. It has energy that is truly reflective of the awakening of all things in the  morning and the slowness and finality of evening. It is a cerebral piece that I feel will help the listener digest the information presented in Circle West as they transition away from the show.  To learn more about this amazing artist, please visit his website

Did you know that you only get a small portion of the artist's songs on the show? 

If you are curious and want to here the entire piece, here they are!