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Hedy Page - Artist, Prison Volunteer, Holocaust Survivor


Airs Sun 9/24/17, at 10am and Wed 9/27/17, at 9pm

Hedy Page discusses her life, being a refugee, her art, working in the prisons and how there is no evil in the world. Her thinking is profound and transformative.

See these articles for more information about Hedy and a look at her art:

New York Times  and  Tenement Museum

Geneva Wiki - Program Manager, Building Healthy Communities, Del Norte and Tribal Communities at the California Endowment


Airs Sun 10/8/17, 10am and Wed 10/11/17, 9pm

Heather interviews this amazing young Native woman who is helping significantly change the state of health in Del Norte County and the surrounding Native communities. Geneva discusses her life, how broadly health is defined from a Native perspective, local  "wins" and her personal love story, which is sweet and will warm your heart. Learn more about Geneva's work by visiting the website referenced in the interview at this link.

Kirk Kimmelshue - Former Chief of Staff for Assembly Member Frank Bigelow


Airs Sun 10/22/17 at 10am and Wed 10/25/17 at 9pm

Kirk speaks to Heather about what it is like to be a Chief of Staff for an elected official, how it is possible to get anything done in Sacramento and offers a refreshing perspective on bi-partisanship. He also discusses his new job as a lobbyist for a bi-partisan firm. Take a journey to learn about State politics from a Sacramento insider.

Greg Ennis - Co-Founder of the Wi-Fi Alliance, Accomplished Jazz Pianist

American flag waving

Airs Sun 1/14/18 and 1/28/18 at 11am and Wed 1/17/18 and 1/31/18 at 9pm

We all take Wi-Fi for granted, but how did it get to be such a ubiquitous tool on which even old technology can operate? Heather asks Greg about the early days of creating Wi-Fi, his thoughts on the future use of this technology, and some of the challenges. Greg discusses his personal story, family acumen for music and his band, the Blue Skies Trio

Ric Wetsel - Haircuts, Tall Tales and Hollywood


Airs Sun 11/19/17 at 10am and Wed 11/22/17 at 9pm

Heather interviews the high-energy and often hilarious Ric Wetsel, Hollywood hair, make-up and special effects artist as well as former stuntman. Sit back, relax from the holiday craziness and enjoy the memories of old stars, great stories and personal reflections. Ric's statements about women's beauty are truly refreshing. Ric also gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever received!

Andy Saeteurn - Saeteurn Family Farm

on Farming, Immigration and Transformation


Airs 3/4/18 (11am), 3/7/18 (9pm), 3/18/18 (11am), 3/21/18 (9pm)

How many of us have driven from Mariposa to Merced and passed or stopped at the Saeteurn Produce Stand for strawberries and other delicious produce? Every person has a story. In this show, Heather interviews Andy Saeteurn, the son and employee of the individuals who own the Stand. He discusses their immigration story, his childhood in Merced and the transformation he had as a young Mien man leaving Merced for college way up behind the Redwood Curtain in Humboldt State University. Andy's insightful and charming communication will engage you from beginning to end.  Click here to view one of Andy and his father's paintings as well as gorgeous images from the farm.


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